10 of My Favorite True Crime Shows of 2022

Best true crime show of 2022 to stream
best true crime shows of 2022

The popularity of true crime shows and movies has steadily grown over the years. The genre has become so popular that it has replaced the hole in your soul that the Lifetime Movie network can no longer fill. From Snapped to crazy drug addicts and crime story podcasts, it seems that women (and 1 man – my painter just revealed to me his love for true crime podcasts) just can’t get enough of this stuff! In the spirit of giving and connecting with you, I took it upon myself to put a little somethin-somthin together for you in case you’re in between shows and you need to itch that itch. I made you a list of 10 of my personal favorite true crime shows of 2022!

You are welcome!

In the last few years, I have binged so much of it that I am constantly having to assure my husband that I am NOT trying to kill him. I’ve had to explain that the sound of the voice from the female narrator on Snapped is my Ambien, not a fantasy of mine I fall asleep to.  He did ask me once why I liked these shows and at that time I did not have a full answer. But after putting some thought into it I realized that part of it is watching shit like that, actually makes me feel better about my life.

Is that bad?

Cults. Fraudsters. Abuse of power. It’s such a train wreck! Completely the opposite of your own life. It’s real shit that is happening in real life to real people, and some of it is stranger than fiction! It makes me realize that I am having a bad day, or a bad week – not a bad life, or stuck in a bad relationship, or about to be kilt! It makes me realize that there are far worse (bizarre) things people are dealing with or unfortunately getting caught up in, and my shit really is small potatoes.

10 of My Favorite True Crime Shows of 2022

Although all of these are on my fav list, I have ordered them from my just my fav to my FAV FAV! The last show is my ultimate obsession out of them all.

Sins of our Mother: Netflix; Limited Series 3 Episodes

Through interviews with close friends and family members, this 3 part docu-crime tells the story of Lori Vallow and the trail of dead bodies that seem to link back to her and her new flame, including the vanishing of her very own children. It’s a disturbing story packed with apocalyptic shit, cult shit, a web of murders (a lot), and deceit. Lori Vallow is the ultimate “Doomsday Mom” out of this entire list.

Killer Sally – Netflix; Limited Series 3 Episodes

Sally McNeil is far from your typical female husband killer. A former Sargent in the Marines, turned professional bodybuilder in the late 80s, “Killer Sally” shares the story of a power couple and their tumultuous journey reaching star status in the bodybuilding world.

There is no denying she pulled the trigger as she walks you through the events herself. The question is was it self-defense or premeditated murder? Each show has you sway back and forth – you’ll feel like a juror in your own living room.

Bad Vegan: Netflix; 4 Episodes

In this 4 part series, we get to know Sarma, an A-lister vegan chef who is living the dream. She had it all. A successful business and loved by so many she is was an amazing woman who could not see herself. So when she falls for the wrong guy, her life turns upside down. Believing that her new husband is some sort of God who promises to make her dog immortal (da fuq??? ) this story has all the markers: Love, sex, fame, fraud, and fugitives.

Phoenix Rising: HBO Max; Mini Series 2 Parts

WARNING: This one deserves a little warning as I will tell you I felt dirt after watching this. This documentary contains sensitive material including sexual violence and abuse. 

This story was a bit shocking to me as Rachel Evan Wood is a lead actress from Westworld and still very much so in the public eye today. In this very disturbing documentary, she shares her dark accounts of being married to Rock Star Marilyn Manson while campaigning justice for all women who have experienced sexual abuse.

It’s jaw-dropping and heartbreaking. From a lover of all of Marilyn Manson’s music, after watching this, he has been deleted from my playlist and my house. 

Fyre Fraud: Hulu and Netflix (2019); 2 Different Movies

Although this came out a couple of years ago, I had to add it to my list. As a former event planner, this story had me peeling my skin off. It is such a trainwreck you cannot stop watching.

The story of the Fyre Festival is one that has been covered extensively by the media. It’s a story about con man, Billy McFarland, and his partner, Ja Rule, and their journey of duping investors. That is not the only side of the story. It is also about the people who were lured and left stranded in the Bahamas. Instead of experiences of The Rich and Famous, they must have felt like they were on the show Lost.

Be careful what you buy tickets for.

Candy: Hulu Tv; 5 Episodes

There is always that one woman: The head of the PTA, the one who puts together all the events in the church, with the sweetest smile that sometimes makes you want to gag. Meet Jessica Biel’s newest character, “Candy”.

A bored housewife living in suburbia, she’s looking for love and excitement. She decides out of the blue how fun it might be to have an affair. As her actions scream for a bit of freedom, they cause someone else to scream for their actual life.

The Way Down HBO Max ; 5 Episodes

Gwen Shamblin….. I don’t even know how to start this summary about her. Her hair alone as she becomes more popular (crazier), just gets bigger and bigger throughout the story. It’s quite distracting honestly.

Gwen Shamblin of house Fucking Nutz, the first of her name, Queen of bullshit, Protector of no (wo)man, mother of a repeated cycle in her children, Founder of Weigh Down Workshop (a weight loss program from the 90s), and Founder & Leader of Remnant Fellowship Churches.

Her hair alone has its own titles but we are going to skip that introduction….

This 5 part episode series gives you insight into a real-life female narcissist. With a huge flock of female followers, Gwennie here just changes the rules whenever it’s beneficial to her. One day she doesn’t believe in divorce and the next day it’s a pass. She’s like the female version of fuckin Henry Tudor.

On this entire list, she is the quirkiest, most narci-sociopath, ugliest woman (and I am not talking about the outside) that I have ever seen. A show full of God, greed, and karma, you can’t help but binge on this shit.

We Crashed: Apple Tv; 8 Episodes

Two words: Jared Leto. I mean c’mon…is he bad at anything he ever stars in? Co-starring Anne Hathaway as his woo-woo cuckoo partner, this series takes you through the real-life rise and fall of one of the world’s most valuable startups, WeWork. It is another story of how one’s passion and a great idea can take you places you never dreamed of until you become full of greed and forget what your mission really was in the beginning,

The most interesting part about this show is that WeWork is still a running business. In fact, we have a WeWork building right here in downtown Tampa. It’s hard not to think about “WeCrashed” whenever you see a WeWork building in one of their remaining 756 locations.

Inventing Anna: Netflix Limited Series 9 Episodes

One of the most entertaining true crime shows of 2022 on this list, this one is definitely a binger! From lines you can’t get enough of to seeing one’s actions of confidence alone (with a dash of acting alike an asshole) buys you everything, it’s just as intriguing as it is comical. After watching this you will no longer be “so basic”.

Anna Delvey, or Anna Sorokin, whatever the hell her real name is, is a woman you just absolutely love to hate. I’d hang out with her for a day just to hear all the shit that comes out of her mouth.

This mini-series, which btw also stars the little girl from “My Girl” all grown up, is not so much a documentary but a series based on a true story. Produced by the amazing Shonda Rhymes, you are taken on a journey with a twentysomething socialite who poses as a rich German heiress who really is a poor (read puh ) fraudster who cons her way into an extremely lavish lifestyle using manipulative promises as her currency. 

Make sure you’re dressed in something Valentino or Dior, all accessorized before you press play. You don’t want to “look broke-ass” while binging this show.

The Vow: HBO Max; Season 1 (9 Episodes) Season 2 (6 Episodes)

Who knew that self-improvement could be so cultish!?!? My ultimate fav of true crime shows of 2022!

The personal growth and self-improvement market has exploded. Very slowly but steadily. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when I watched the 1st episode. There I was agreeing with everything (cult) Leader and Founder of NXIVM Keith Raniere was saying. I about scared myself thinking “why am I agreeing with all of this? Isn’t this a show about a bad man”???

By the second episode, I was like “Whhhaaaaa tha fuuuuuuuuu”.

Disguised as a self-help program turned cult, NXIVM was promoted as a life-changing, human potential-reaching, organization. What made it super attractive to women was that it was very progressive promoting female empowerment amongst other things.

Each episode highlights a new fucked up area. As it becomes more cringe, it takes you into the twisted mind of Keith Raniere.

I’m not going to lie. I am the first person to judge people wondering how people get caught up in crackbrained type of groups. But after seeing this I better understand. I could even see how I could have been a victim of this group myself.  


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